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Manufacturing Capability


        Golden Weald was established in ShenZhen City, Guang Dong Province, China. GoldenWeald is an important business unit responsible for SMT Assembly, Tooling, Plastic and Systems Assembly, which offering customers a “one-stop-shopping, high-quality, & cost-effective” total solution for electronics products. Golden Weald currently has approximately 500 employees, and the main equipments are listed as below: 


        SMT lines: 6
        Hand-insertion testing lines: 4
        Packaging lines: 2
        Golden Weald believes and insists in continuously pursuing the best quality, conforming to environmental requirements, and constantly enhancing the safety and hygiene of the working environment. It has acquired various certificates in related fields through the years, and in the future it will continue to strengthen its operating performances and to raise customers' satisfaction.

         Golden Weald has a state-of-the-art in-house assembly plant to follow projects through every step of the assembly process. We handle all types of pcb assembly, from SMT,basic thru hole to ultra-fine pitch BGAs. Our engineers work with thousands of customers from across all industries that use prototypes and low-volume orders as part of their overall product development process. 

        Capabilities Include: 
        • SMT  
        • PTH Auto Insertion 
        • BGA  
        • Flip Chip Bonding (Chip on Board)  
        • Manual Insertion  
        • Wire Bonding  
        • Complete Product (Assembly - Box Build) 
        • ICT test and Function Test          
        • Lead-Free Soldering 
        • Flexible PCBA

        A long-term partner with famous international companies already, GoldenWeald receives customers’ awards and recognition every year. Other than enhancing its manufacturing assembly capabilities, GoldenWeald will fully utilize its cost advantages, introduce more value-added service, extend its product innovation and introduce a better market response, and therefore it can offer a complete service and support, creating a win-win situation for all customers. 

       Based on the successful developing experiences over the years, GoldenWeald continue to improve its business performance, to innovate and to break through; at present, it has established the following core strengths: 

        A vertically-integrated supply-chain service:

        Golden Weald has built a complete integrated supply-chain service including PCB, plastic-mold tooling, injection, painting, PCBA, and system assembly.

        Services for NPI:

        During the stage of NPI (New product Introduction), it offers complete and fast product verification analysis and correction advices. 


        Precise process capabilities: 

        Its milti-layer, advanced assembly technology can produce products of tiny parts like 0201, satisfying the mainstream market trend for ultra-compact devices, and it has a lead-free process for a high yield rate in mass production.

        GoldenWeald will constantly integrate all functions of SMT, injection, and system assembly in the future, to present a better integrated customer service and grow into an all-dimensional production center. At the same time, it will strive to maintain major customer relationship, actively develop new product lines, and deepen the strategic-partner relationship with customers.




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